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Summer Programs


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Get bored of plug and play lego? Evodyne camps introduce you to multiple robotics concepts, working with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, wiring, computer vision, 3D printing and design.


Learn robotics with Lego! Build multiple motor-powered Lego with different themes including Star Wars & Space Missions, Animal Super Safari, Rocket Racers, Minions and more!

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This camp is designed specifically for kids from 8-12 years old. There are 2 differrent robotics camps: Application Development, and Lego Robotics Spike Prime Class.



​YoungWonks Coding Course

​Young Wonks provides several options for programming different levels ranging from scratch to advanced Python. You can choose to attend in person, through Zoom, or 1-on-1 instruction


VisionTech Java Programming

Java is a great introductory computer programming language for getting young coders to learn programming and basic programming paradigms. In this camp, students will start with the basics of Java programming, progressing to more advanced topics.  

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SiliconValley4U Coding Classes

Coding programs for all age groups and levels! SiliconValley4U has classes that meet everyone's needs with program ranging from Java, Python, C++ and much more

Science & Technology


​Learn UX/UI and game design with ID tech. They have multiple programs for different age groups and levels.


Only Wizbots has developed a workbench allowing kids to learn to program their LEGO® robotics with Java, one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages. Wizbots kids are solving problems, not building kits.

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VisionTech App Development

App is cur

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